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Crunk Juice

Lil Jon is the hip hop king of Crunk. He has the CD Crunk Juice and now you can have the hip hop energy drink. Crunk Juice taste like pomegranate. The flavor is good and sour and a little sweet. It is what all your click is doing, and now you can be up on it too. Lil Jon has that tooth grill and you can bling one just like all your favorite hip hop rap musicians. You have the Crunk Juice song on your ringtones, get the bling to roll with it.
After taking some time after his last album, Lil Jon got back to the business of making hot freestyle music and beats. He and his crunk East Side Boyz produced Crunk Juice in and it quickly went platinum. They do have some lyrics which may not be for young fans, but his music is popular in crunk clubs and is a hip hop freestyle musical sound. The hip hop honeys wearing hip hop fashion and clothing love this.
Crunk is the hip hop clothing style and attitude made popular by Lil' Jon, the
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 Atlanta born megastar Hip-Hop artist and producer, to describe his style of music that influences the youth and street scene of Atlanta. No one does Hip hop and Crunk like Lil Jon. He and his click has influenced a generation of southern Hip Hop artists and underground club bangers the hottest club scene in the US. Get loose, feel free, and express yourself is what crunk juice is about.

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Tooth Grill

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