Tooth grill. Custom tooth grill jewelry. Removable gold tooth grill. Gold teeth grills, platinum, diamond hip hop tooth grill jewelry. Add precious stones and jewels to your custom jewelry and teeth grills. Gold tooth grill.

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You can have what everyone wants, a platinum tooth grill or gold tooth grill. We make custom removable tooth grills out of gold, silver or platinum. If you want to bling it even more add diamonds or gold to your tooth grill. We will custom make your removable gold tooth grill. If you want to bling, get your removable gold teeth from us.




Platinum is a warm bright gray metal that has a luster and shine like no other, it's considered the rarest and most enduring of all metals.

Considered much rarer and more difficult to produce than gold, platinum was not widely used for jewelry adornment until the late 1700's. Popularized by the 19th century Russian jeweler Carl Faberge, Platinum was considered the precious metal of choice for discriminating jewelry purchasers. By the 1900's, platinum had become the most popular metal used for diamond jewelry settings.

Much more expensive than gold jewelry, platinum and its alloys have recently made a dramatic resurgence as one of the premier metals for contemporary jewelry designs and is considered one of the hottest precious metals on the market currently used in the finest jewelry.


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1. Platinum tooth grills are 50 times more rare than a gold tooth grill.

2. Platinum is pure for a teeth grills.

3. Platinum is a natural white metal and like an ice tooth grill. When Platinum comes out of the ground, it is white gold. When gold comes out of the ground, it is yellow and must be bleached or dyed white with other metals such as nickel and rhodium in order to create white gold tooth grills. Platinum jewelry will always stay white.

4. Platinum is one of the world's strongest metals.

5. Platinum tooth grills are durable. Not only does Platinum feel heavier than gold tooth grills, platinum is stronger than gold and requires less maintenance.

7. Platinum jewelry remains bright throughout it's lifespan and is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and discoloration under extreme conditions. You can also buy designer watches like the Ebel Mens 1911 Automatic in a beautiful platinum finish.

6. Not everyone can own Platinum jewelry because there simply isn't enough of it in world. For example: all the Platinum ever mined would fit in an average sized living room. Get your tooth grill from tooth grills hip hop.

Contact us to custom design your tooth grill or jewelry.


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